Monday, May 13, 2013

New Supplier Entry – HASLER International (France)

HASLER International (France)

HASLER International is a world-wide European company, one of the leaders for industrial weighing solution:

  • Creates and develops weighing products and technologies particularly for bulk materials
  • Distributes its high technology equipment all-over the world, meeting the accuracy and reliability requirements of the heavy industry manufacturing processes
  • HASLER is promoting RPA process products.

Main Products:
LOSS-IN-WEIGHT FEEDERS; WEIGH BELT FEEDERS for granular and powdery materials; ROTARY WEIGH FEEDER for granular and powdery; CONTROLLERS & ELECTRONIC EAR operator interface supervisor materials; HEAVY DUTY WEIGH FEEDERS; SMART FLOW FEEDERS Impact flowmeters / Smartflow meters with double measurement channels; APRON-EXTRACTOR WEIGH FEEDERS; WEIGH FEEDERS FOR COAL DUST, …

Contact details:
Address: ZI l’Abbaye-496 rue Louis Bréguet, 38780 Pont-Evêque – France.
Phone: +33474161150
FAX: +33474161155
Email address:

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