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New Supplier Entry - Giropès SL (Spain)

Giropès SL (Spain)

Giropès has wide experience within the area of industrial weighing. Our company has specialized in the design, development, building and manufacturing of industrial scales. It includes a wide range of products which go from weighing scales, platforms and mobile weighing to indicators and load cells.

With our second brand, Baxtran, we commercialize all the set of products which refer to small weighing such as scales, platform, indicators and precision weights.

We have a wide variety of products and that is why we can satisfy the different needs of our customers, offering personalized solutions to every type of problems.

To make things easier to our customers and to guarantee a high level of quality in our selling-safe and quick- we have a wide range of distributors around Europe, a big part of Africa and we are introducing our products in North and South America.

Main Products:
Weighbridges, weighing platforms, pallet weighing platforms, mobile weighing, weighing hooks for cranes, transpallet weighing, weighing indicators, load cells, weighing aboard, weighing with conveyor belts, ….

Contact details:
Address: Poligono Emporda Internacional, C. de Mollo, 15-16, 17469 Vilamalla, Spain
Phone: +34 972 527 212
FAX: +34 972 527 211
Website: http://www.giropes.com
Email address: giropes@giropes.com

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