Thursday, July 18, 2013


AGROPRODMASH Russia 2013 - 18th International Exhibition for Machinery, Equipment and Ingredients for the Food Processing Industry. Russian major project in the food processing industry, on Oct 7-11, 2013, at Expocentre, Moscow, Russia.

The key distinction of AGROPRODMASH is the present-day relevance and advanced potential of the technology it features. During the current economic downturn food industry enterprises show their readiness to strive to maintain the competitiveness of their brands, retain and even strengthen their market positions. Developing their own anti-recessionary programmes, food manufacturers are trying to optimize their production and business processes, and minimize costs.

AGROPRODMASH offers solutions that allow achieving high operational efficiency, introducing modern technology, and – most importantly – will prove financially attractive. In our opinion, they will be the solutions in most demand in the present economic circumstances.

Agroprodmash is the only Russian trade fair that has been demonstrating all stages of agricultural raw materials processing, food production and sale since 1996.

All exhibits are demonstrated in action which helps to boost involvement of the exhibitors and professional visitors into the industry developments even further.

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