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New Supplier Entry - CROSS Zlín, a.s. (Czech Republic)

CROSS Zlín, a.s. (Czech Republic)

CROSS Zlín is a join-stock company, based in the Czech Republic. CROSS is proud to be technology company offering wide range of products, components and turn-key solutions for road traffic since 1994. We are designers and manufacturers of road traffic technology components and systems. We are a holder of the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 quality system certificates. The headquarters and main manufacture and development centers of the company are located in Zlín – eastern part of the Czech Republic. Branches are located in Prague and Velké Meziříčí. Our team is composed of 85 keen and skilled people including more than 20 development engineers.

We have experience in development, delivery, installation and maintenance of technology in six main areas. The CROSS team is focused on serving our clients with the utmost dedication, carefully looking after all details and trying to solve all problems with an open communication and very personal approach. Our monitoring center is 24 hours a day remotely watching over all our systems ensuring the continuous operation of technology that is so important for safe and swift traffic.

Traffic Control and Data Fusion (since 1994):

  • Leading independent manufacturer and supplier of traffic light controllers in the EU
  • Fully adaptive traffic light controllers in operation & urban traffic control center software
Road Weather and Winter Maintenance (since 1995):
  • Road weather stations
  • Road weather information system
  • Maintenance decision support system
  • Winter Maintenance Index with cost and invoicing analysi
Weigh-in-Motion (since 2000):
  • Weigh-in-motion systems
  • World's first high-speed WIM enforcement certified system in 2011
Parking Systems (since 2000):
  • Barrier parking systems for efficient parking operation for off-street parking
  • Automatic parking ticket machines
Traffic Detection (since 2000):
  • Automatic traffic counters and classifiers
  • Bluetooth travel time technology
Payment Systems (since 2000):
  • Self-service payment terminal for municipal offices
  • Automatic payment terminals for ticketing solutions and universal use

For CROSS team, the long-term satisfaction of our customers is essential. We are proud that the quality of our products has been proven by many years in operation under the conditions of daily busy traffic and all kinds of adverse weather. Reliability is not just a word for us, it is something that we work hard every day to guarantee to all our customers and partners. Flexible and individual approach and dedication to all, even very specific and unique, customer requirements are another characteristics that we promote. Of course, in all the fields of CROSS activity we try to invest as much as possible in new ideas and development of new features and products.

Main Products:
Weigh-in-Motion Systems, Parking Systems, Traffic Detection, Traffic Control and Data Fusion, Payment Systems, Road Weather and Winter Maintenance, …

Contact details:
Address: CROSS Zlín, a.s., Louky 397, 763 02 Zlín, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 577 110 211
FAX: +420 577 110 222
Email address:

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