Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Supplier Entry - Data-Control PC, S.L. (Spain)

Data-Control PC, S.L. (Spain)

DATA-CONTROL PC, S.L.is a leading company, specialized in the design, fabrication and commercialization of electronic equipment for industrial weighing, as well as computer software for its supervision and control under WINDOWS.

In order to progress and to be up-to-date in this competitive sector, our technical department is constantly improving and enlarging our product range.

The equipment we develop is dedicated exclusively to the industrial weight market (Electronic indicators for automatic weighing), especially for automatic process control.

Main Products:
Weighing indicators, Suitcase scales, Loads cells, Weighing scales, PC weighing software, Accessories, Weighing systems, Led displays, …

Contact details:
Address: DATA-CONTROL PC, SL, C/ Pintor Vancells, 175 - 08225 - Terrassa (Barcelona), Spain
Phone: (+34) 93 734 94 64
FAX: (+34) 93 735 07 63
Website: http://www.pesalia.com
Email address: info@pesalia.com

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