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New Supplier Entry - Effegielle S.r.l. (IMECO) (Italy)

Effegielle S.r.l. (IMECO) (Italy)

IMECO got 30 years of experience in weighing, dosing and bagging of bulk materials.

Our Company is based in the very heart of the main agricultural area of Northern Italy, in Cremona, around 100km south east of Milan, which is also in the middle of one of the most advanced industrial areas of Europe.

This unique position blends the most modern hi-tech production and design compatibilities, with an understanding of the subtleties of nature and of its products.

At first the research then the manufacture and last but not the least the design make our Company as one of the leaders specialist in dosing, weighing and packaging system for bulk products.

Main Products:
Weighing, Dosing, Bagging, Palletizing solutions: Bulk Weighers, Feeders, Manual Bag Placing Bagging Lines, Automatic Bag Placing Bagging Lines, Open Mouth Bag Closing & Labeling Systems, Form, Fill & Seal Bagging Lines, Filled Bags Quality Control, Turning & Conveying, Palletizing Solutions, Load Securing Solutions, Bigbag Filling Systems, etc.

Contact details:
Address: Effegielle S.r.l. (IMECO), Via delle Viole, 23 – 26100 Cremona, Italy
Phone: +39 0372 496826
FAX: +39 0372 1874050
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