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New Supplier Entry - MOBA Mobile Automation AG (Germany)

MOBA Mobile Automation AG (Germany)

With 40 years experience in the field of mobile automation and control engineering of construction machinery and more than 20 years in the equipment of waste disposal vehicles, MOBA Mobile Automation AG is a well-known expert for the development and manufacturing of high quality products and components. Founded 1972 as an engineering office, today more than 350 employees work for the MOBA Group all over the world.

The MOBA Group is an international organisation. Besides its headquarters in Limburg, Germany there are two subsidiaries in Langenlonsheim and Dresden. With branch offices in the Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Great Britain, USA, India and China as well as sales offices and authorised dealers all over the world, MOBA is close to the market and its customers.

Main Products:
Digital batching indicators, Printers, Weighing sensors, Load cells, Junction Boxes, On board scales / mobile weighing systems, Weighing and identification system for communal and industrial waste, Telematics / fleet management / performance record / GIS / route management, Auto-ID / RFID systems, Material control, Leveling control systems, Temperature controllers and ignition boxes, Load limitation systems, Slope measurement systems, etc.

Contact details:
Address: MOBA Mobile Automation AG, Kapellenstr. 15, D-65555 Limburg, Germany
Phone: +49 (6431) 95 77-0
FAX: +49 (6431) 95 77-177
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