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New Supplier Entry - Soehnle Professional (Germany)

Soehnle Professional (Germany)

Soehnle Professional is one of the leading companies in the sector of professional measurement technique and weighing technology. Besides our standard products for trade, commerce and industry as well as medical, health and well-being, we offer you almost every special development – tailor-made according to your individual requirements.

Main Products:
Industrial Weighing: Drive-through Platforms, Build-in Kitchen Scale, Pallet Truck Scale, Overhead Track Scale, Compact Scales, Laboratory Scales, Price-computing Scales, Pallet Scales, Precision Scales, Bench and Floor Scales, Wall Scales, Weighing Platforms, Counting Scales, Weighing Indicators, Printers, Load Cells, Check Weighing Scales, Continuous Weighing Systems, ...

Medical Weighing: Adiposity scales, Baby scales, Balance-X-Sensor, Bed scales, Floor scales, Laboratory Scales, Height measuring appliances, Lifter scales, Patient Position Recognition, Personal scales, Precision scales, Electronic wheelchair weighers, Chair weighers, Veterinary scales, …

Contact details:
Address: Soehnle Professional GmbH & Co. KG, Manfred-von-Ardenne-Allee 12, DE-71522 Backnang, Germany
Phone Germany: +49(0)7191-3453-220
Phone Export: +49(0)7191-3453-280
FAX Germany: +49(0)7191-3453-211
FAX Export: +49(0)7191-3453-271
Email address:

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