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New Supplier Entry - Teknoscale Oy (Finland)

Teknoscale Oy (Finland)

Teknoscale Oy, founded in 1994, is a private company focusing on manufacturing and marketing of axle load scales, including both wired multiple-purpose models and portable units. Other product lines are animal and crane scales.

The wireless EVOCAR axle load scale was introduced in 1998, and is ever since increasingly used by the traffic control authorities among others in the Nordic countries, Germany and Belgium for the control of truck weights.

It is not only trucks but also airplanes, which can be weighed with our scales. Teknoscale is bringing out the latest member in their scale family, the EVOPLANE scales for weighing of air crafts.

Main Products:
Aircraft weighing scales, Axle scales, Crane scales, Commercial airplanes weighing, Axle weighing, Wireless scales, Vehicle scales, etc.

Contact details:
Address: Teknoscale Oy, Kiitoradantie 11, 01530 VANTAA, Finland
Phone: +358 20 798 1410
FAX: +358 20 798 1411
Email address:

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