Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Video with Linearity Tests of New Prime Scales' Precision Balances

Prime Scales (USA) - Prime Precision Balance Scales are load cell based balances featuring fast response time and high performance. This video shows decreasing tests for two of Prime balances using F1 class weights.

The Prime Scales new precision balance line includes 200gx1mg, 100gx1mg, 2000gx0.01g, 3000gx0.01g and 10000gx0.1g capacities. They chose 200gx1mg and 10000x0.1g as demos for the linearity tests.

Prime Scales tested with the scales' minimum weight all the way up to the full capacity. The results of the testing was very impressive. These load cell based balances are of great accuracy and linearity.


For more information about the Prime Scales’ Precision Balances click here.

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