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New Supplier Entry - BWT BV (Netherlands)

BWT BV (Netherlands)

BWT BV is a scale producing company, we design hardware and software at our own factory for the weighing industry, since 1985. We do have got a dedicated team with a lot of experience in the weighing field.

Main Products:
Weighbridges, Axle Weighing, Weighing Software, Custom Made Scales, Load Bars, Animal Weighing, Dosing, Load Cells, Indicators, Installations Worldwide, Counting Scales, Retail Scales, Check-Weighing Systems, Tank Weighing, Silo Weighing, Conveyor Weighing Systems, Egg Weighing Systems, Poultry Weighing Systems, Slaughterhouse Weighing Systems, Recycling Weighing Systems, Bulk Weighing Systems, Etc.

Contact details:
Address: BWT BV, Havervelden 8, NL-5281PT, Boxtel, The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)411 67 77 88
FAX: +31 (0)847 46 31 64
Email address:

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