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New Supplier Entry - FEMA Airport (France)

FEMA Airport (France)

FEMA AIRPORT was established in 1986 with the aim to design, build and set-up airport electronic weighing equipment. We have particularly focused on equipment reliability together with easy installation and maintenance.

Within the Baggages and Cargo handling systems FEMA AIRPORT specific features include:

  • Passenger baggage weighing at check-in counter
  • Cargo pallets weighing
  • Narrow and wide-body aircraft weighing platforms
  • All the equipment are in compliance with European standards.

Main Products:
Baggage Weighing, Airport Electronic Weighing Scales, Hand Luggage Mobile Scales, Cargo Weight Handling, Airport Cargo Weighing Scales, Cargo Pallets Weighing, Aircraft Weighing Equipment, Aircraft Scales, Aircraft Weighing Platforms, Etc.

Contact details:
Address: FEMA Airport, 5 RUE DE LA BELLE BORNE, Bat. 3454 Porte C, ZONE DE FRET 4 B.P 16015, 95722 ROISSY CDG, France
Phone: +00(33)
FAX: +00(33)
Email address:

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