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Tell what's important in a balance and win a METTLER TOLEDO's MS204S Analytical Balance

METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland) – METTLER TOLEDO wants to hear about which detail of your balance makes a big difference to you. Tell them your story, send them a picture or draw us a sketch – whatever. The five most novel, interesting or entertaining entries will win a NewClassic MS204S analytical balance each.

To participate just fill in the Feedback Form. In addition, if you want to send a picture or a file, please send it to

We Know That Details Matter:
That's why every part of a METTLER TOLEDO balance is carefully engineered to provide you with outstanding benefits. In an ongoing development process, we are continuously improving our balances so that you get the best of today’s technology and know-how.

Metal Housing:
We don’t compromise on the structure of our balances. On our NewClassic MS balances, for example, only a full metal housing is good enough to withstand the hazards of daily use and keep going for years to come:

  • Resistant to chemicals (including acetone)
  • Protects the weighing cell against environmental influences
  • Minimizes external vibrations

In addition, METTLER TOLEDO’s legendary overload protection just wouldn’t be possible with anything other than a metal housing. Check out the video below:

Video showing Extreme testing – XP balance undergoes elephant trial:

For more information about the NewClassic MS204S Analytical Balance from METTLER TOLEDO click here.

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