Wednesday, August 28, 2013

VAS Trailer Videos from FRITZ & MACZIOL

FRITZ & MACZIOL (Germany) - The product family VAS® (Industrial Applications and Services) by FRITZ & MACZIOL is amongst the market leaders in logistics and despatch automation systems. The platform-spanning solutions are Java-based applications, specifically designed for the automation and coverage of all shipping and delivery processes.

Video Trailer 1:

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About VAS (from FRITZ & MACZIOL):
VAS – the process-oriented software solution for the basic materials industry – covers the entire process chain from delivery, through planning and loading to departure. VAS as the connector between the ERP systems and the technical systems is the key function and adjusting screw for an efficient process. In addition, VAS supports the reporting and provides real-time information to other systems, such as for production, sales or controlling. All technical third party systems, such as weighing, silo and dispensing technologies are fully integrated into the processes of the VAS logistics system. At present, VAS is used around the world in more than 120 plants in the basic materials industry.

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