Thursday, September 5, 2013

Detecto Scale's BRW1000 Bariatric Wheelchair Scale Demo Video

Detecto Scale (USA) - This brief demo video showcases DETECTO's USA-made model BRW1000 portable bariatric wheelchair scale. The digital BRW1000 scale features a low-profile platform with two-way integral ramps for efficient bariatric wheelchair loading. The spacious platform is a robust 40-inches wide, specifically designed for wider bariatric wheelchairs. The scale's 1,000-lb/450-kg capacity allows the BRW1000 to be used with manual or power wheelchairs, for dialysis patients, or walk-ons. Optional Wi-Fi connectivity is available for efficient EMR/EHR.


For more information about the Detecto’s BRW1000 bariatric wheelchair scale click here.

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