Friday, September 27, 2013

Marel will present advanced equipment for the marine industry on DanFish International

Marel (Denmark) - The focus at Marel's stand on DanFish International event will be on the Innova Marine Pack – a purpose-built registration tool for any fishing vessel that needs to comply with EU fishing control and traceability regulation.

The onboard registration and packing solution consists of M2200 marine scale, a label printer and Innova, our groundbreaking production management software. Innova makes it possible to create reports that provide an overview of elements such as catch value, packing history, cargo reports and e-log reports.

Key benefits of Innova Marine Pack:

  • Plug-and-play packing system
  • Flexible report definition and set-up
  • Compliance with EU fishing control regulations
  • E-log book option
Accurate weighing and packing on-board increases yield, maintains peak quality and minimizes handling. Vessels can land products that are graded, boxed, labeled and ready for delivery.

Marel will also present stand-alone marine scales, which offer flexible weighing and packing with motion compensation, designed for use on board fishing vessels and factory trawlers.

For more information about the Innova Marine Pack from Marel click here.

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