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New Supplier Entry - DYNA Instruments GmbH (Germany)

DYNA Instruments GmbH (Germany)

DYNA Instruments develops, produces and sells high-tech-systems for applications in the field of solids conveying.

Scientific results achieved at the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg have provided maesurement solutions for a wide range of solids process engineering since 1996.

The application knowledge and experience ranges from flow/no flow tasks up to highly accurate mass flow rate measurements of 500 t/h.

You will find our devices in all branches of solids handling, whether this is in a power-station with high flow rates or in in the area of pharmacy where quantities of some milligrammes are detected.

This is possible through different measuring principles we use - also in combinations - for solving the measurement problems. Mostly used principles are:

  • Charge measuring by induction
  • Capacitive density measurement
  • Microwave technology
  • Weighing technology
  • Radiometric density measurement

Main Products:
DYNAguard Series (Flow monitor, filter monitor), DYNAvel (Velocity measurement, calibration-free), DYNArad (Density measurement, radiometric), DYNA M-flow (Flow rate measurement, microwave-technology), DYNAchute (Chute Weigher, Flow rate measurement, weight and speed, calibration-free), Etc.

Contact details:
Address: DYNA Instruments GmbH, Tempowerkring 7, 21079 HAMBURG, Germany
Phone: +49 40 790185 0
FAX: +49 40 790185 18
Email address:

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