Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Short Video from Mettler Toledo about Fast and Safe Installation of Tank Scales

METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland) - A short video explains how the SafeLock features of the Pinmount Weigh Modules from METTLER TOLEDO help to do the installation right the first time. Each Weigh Module is delivered pre adjusted and ready to install. The SafeLock protects the Weigh Module against accidental overload and ensures safety during installation. There is no need for auxiliary devices such as dead stands or dummy load cells.

Pinmount Weigh Modules are delivered as compact units ready to be placed under the tank without any additional precaution. The SafeLock protects the incorporated load cell against accidental overload during the subsequent lowering of the tank onto the weigh module. In the event that a tank is lowered unevenly and rests on one single weigh module, the load cell will be able to withstand the full load. Thanks to SafeLock there is no need for dead stands or dummy load cells throughout the entire installation process.

Fast Installation Increases Safety:
SafeLock immobilizes all moving parts of the weigh module and therefore facilitates precise positioning during installation. The mounting holes are directly accessible for the drilling and fastening of the bolts. This allows for immediate mounting of the tank via weigh module to the ground. This will protect it from tipping over in the event of unpredictable occurrences, e.g. strong wind forces.

Flexibility Avoids Errors and Reduces Complexity:
The mounting orientation of the Pinmount Weigh Modules is flexible and allows tanks to thermally expand and contract in all directions eliminating the need for different types of weigh modules.


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