Friday, September 13, 2013

Vetec Weighing & Radio Technology enters new U.S. Partnership

Vetec Weighing & Radio Technology (USA) - In the future Vetec's high quality weighing and overload systems for crane and lifting equipment will be distributed and marketed by Caldwell Crane and Rigging, LLC in the eastern U.S.

Caldwell Crane and Rigging, LLC provides products and services for the American crane equipment industry and has been looking for new products to develop the safety side of their business.

Crane safety has become an increasingly important issue world-wide and Caldwell Crane and Rigging already experiences a very positive response to the Danish developed and manufactured weighing and overload systems.

Vetec offers standard and customized solutions that meet specific customer demands.

It is a growing demand from international crane and offshore companies that has developed an interest in the international markets and the new cooperation with Caldwell Crane and Rigging is expected to create many new opportunities in the U.S.

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