Friday, October 4, 2013

Mettler Toledo's Webinar Explains How Tank Weigh Modules are Safe by Design

METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland) - Environmental incidents, such as earthquakes, lightning and thunderstorms, can severely damage a tank system.

Human errors, such as collisions with vehicles, incautious installation or failures with explosive materials, could result in expensive damage or even bodily harm. A new webinar from METTLER TOLEDO explains how modern weigh modules are designed to avoid those types of events.

Fully engineered weigh modules are designed to ensure safety. The new webinar explains why machine builders for tanks, hoppers, vessels and conveyors prefer to integrate reliable and fully engineered components. This applies also to weigh modules, which are vital to designing safe systems.

The webinar also discusses how METTLER TOLEDO's complete range of weigh modules accurately and safely weighs from 5 kilograms up to 100 tons.

Viewers will learn about potential dangers, and the design features that can help to avoid accidents and can explore the benefits of tank weigh modules that are designed with safety in mind.

For more information about the Webinar from Mettler Toledo click here.

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