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New Supplier Entry - Burster Praezisionsmesstechnik Gmbh & Co Kg (Germany)

Burster Praezisionsmesstechnik Gmbh & Co Kg (Germany)

Precision, quality and versatility - these are the standards that have marked the development of this medium-sized family business over the last five decades into one of the major suppliers of precision instruments, sensors and sensor signal processing systems.

Thanks to our innovative team of engineers, burster is today able to offer a wide range of measurement and test equipment for quality assurance, calibration, development and automation. In addition to standard product solutions, burster also provides custom designs. The global sales force keeps in touch with local customers to gain feedback from the field. This has earned burster an international reputation for innovation geared to customers needs. In addition, the high level of our in-house manufacture guarantees consistently high quality.

The parent factory in Gernsbach, about 40 km south of Karlsruhe in Germany, currently employs about 110 people. Our team of employees is fully committed to achieving precision and quality, and they meet this challenge by working with a high degree of independence and personal responsibility. Flexible working without core hours is nothing new at burster. We have an active information policy, providing figures on business performance and practicing openness and credibility; strategies that ensure all employees become stakeholders in the change process not passive victims, and are able to participate in the success of the business.

Main Products:
Load Sensors, Tension and Compression Load Cells, Load Cells, Miniature Load Cells, Indicators, Torque Sensors, Displacement Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Angle of Rotation Sensors, Sensors, Sensors Electronic, Measure & Test Devices, Calibration Instruments, Etc.

Contact details:
Address: Burster Praezisionsmesstechnik Gmbh & Co Kg, Talstr. 1-5, 76593 Gernsbach, Germany
Phone: +49-7224-6450
FAX: +49-7224-64588
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