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New Supplier Entry - Maxwell Industries s.r.l. (Italy)

Maxwell Industries s.r.l. (Italy)

Maxwell Industries srl is a new company, born from the co-operation among well-experienced marketing experts and systems design engineers. Maxwell Industries srl is part of BM Group SPA - an industrial group located in Trentino Alto Adige - which works in different sectors like systems and plants, green energy, data acquisition, industrial automation and embedded software production.

Maxwell Industries is part of BM Group SPA. This means more products and services range and total reliability for our customers. Thanks to the completeness of our group, Maxwell Industries is able to offer a total service for the industrial sector and to create the right balanced synergy with the customer.

We develop custom products according to the customers’ requests and specifications and we offer solutions for telecommunication, energy and industrial automation markets. Our range of products includes:

  • General purpose embedded boards with OS Linux or Window CE;
  • Portable or not-portable instruments;
  • Industrial automation solutions like monitoring and control software, industrial PCs and panel PCs.


Main Products:
Datalogger & Data Acquisition, Embedded Systems, Weighing & Dosing Systems, Robotics, Accessories, Etc.

Contact details:
Address: Maxwell Industries s.r.l., Via Di Vittorio 2, 26013 Crema (CR), Italy
Phone: +39 0373 278583
FAX: +39 0373 276839
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