Friday, December 6, 2013

3i’s Technologies appoints Scouter Engineering Technologies Pvt., Ltd. as their Representative in India

3I's Technologies (India) - 3i’s Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce Scouter Engineering Technologies Pvt., Ltd. as their exclusive representative in the country of India. Scouter has demonstrated superior technical capabilities and they are pleased to have 3i’s Technologies on their team.

Scouter Engineering Technologies Private Limited has been formed by professionals who have outstanding expertise, commitment, and drive to make mutually profitable advancements, reach new heights in service, and deliver real results. They believe that the measure of their worth is in the results they deliver to our customers. This is why they do not compromise on their service and customer offerings. Scouter says, “We utilize our deep technological competence and process knowledge to deliver cutting-edge solutions and services designed to make a real and sustainable difference to business”.

3i's Technologies is a supplier of precision, dynamic weighing and batching systems. Products and services include batching/feeding/material handling equipment, systems design/integration, and process optimization. As a company, 3i's represents over 125 years of process design and weighing experience, and is uniquely qualified to provide solutions to today's demanding processes.

Innovative 3i's technologies and services include:

  • The revolutionary and award winning Rotary Vane Feeder and BatcHHouse™ Rotary Scalpel©,that delivers a new level of precision to batching, feeding, and filling processes.
  • The BatcHHouse™ Precision Scale, a simple solution with a flexible design that enables proper scaling to meet volume requirements of fill/batch.
  • The BatcHHouse™ Dynamic Bulk Density Meter, an inline real-time bulk density meter.
  • The unique Process Performance Assurance System (PPAS), a software technology platform designed to deliver expertise to your problems and empower you with online real-time data, knowledge, and insight that results in the performance optimization of your process lines.

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