Friday, December 13, 2013

Get a Free Copy of the Book «Dictionary of Weighing Terms» courtesy from Mettler Toledo

METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland) - Celebrate with Mettler Toledo! 40 years ago, METTLER TOLEDO presented an innovation to the world. The PT 1200 was the first electronic precision balance with weights and measures approval in the highest accuracy class. That way, 2013 is the year of the electronic precision balance!

To celebrate this anniversary we will give you the Dictionary of Weighing Terms. A comprehensive 269 pager with a list price of USD 89.95. It explains more than 1000 terms associated with weighing technology and related areas; numerous illustrations assist understanding. If you are among the first 100 registrants, we will give you a free copy!

All others will get a copy of the 'Weighing tips & tricks' poster, that summarizes all weighing influences and provides advice on how to achieve higher accuracy in weighing.

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