Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Approvals for Zemic Europe Stainless Steel IP69K Single Point Load Cell

Zemic Europe B.V. (Netherlands) - The PTB in Germany has examined and tested the BM6G and concluded that an approval with a Y-value of 10000 for standard C3 is applicable and a Y-value of 15000 for C3 Multiple Range (MR) should apply. Furthermore a Z-value of 12000 is allowed to be used for both C3 and C3 MR.

Approved capacities from 100 kg to 500 kg are available. Samples are also being prepared for a future OIML approval for the capacities 10 - 50 kg.

The BM6G has been corner corrected to fit platform sizes up to 800 x 800 mm for 100 to 500kg.

The unique selling point for this load cell is the combination of stainless steel and IP69K. IP69K is the Ingress Protection classification for devices that can be cleaned by high pressure water jets. This combination makes it very suitable for application in weighing devices used in the food-industry.

The BM6G has several other approvals amongst them EMC and ATEX.

For more information about the BM6G Load Cells from Zemic Europe click here.

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