Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Faster, Higher-Resolution Version of the Popular Hardy HI 4050 with Rockwell Add-On-Profile

Hardy Process Solutions (USA) - Hardy Process Solutions is now shipping a faster, higher resolution version of the HI 4050. Called the HI 4050+, users can now select an update rate of 100 or 250 updates per second, depending on their application. This update speed applies to the processed weight, communications and display. The display resolution has also increased from 1:10:000 to 1:30:000.

The HI 4050 already had Hardy’s WAVERSAVER technology built in to reduce the effects of vibration, but the new HI 4050+ also includes WAVERSAVER+, a new patent-pending system that increases the stability of weight readings by a factor of three. The New HI 4050+ also features a new Rockwell EDS Add-On-Profile (AOP) compatible with RSLogix.

For more information about the New HI 4050+ Weight Controller from Hardy Process Solutions click here.

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