Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New video showing the Electro-Magnetic Force Compensation principle used in Wipotec Weigh Cells

Wipotec GmbH (Germany) - The weighing specialists at Wipotec are dedicated to the implementation of intelligent and process-oriented solutions to meet the challenging requirements of dynamic weighing in industrial environments. For more than 25 years, Wipotec has played a pivotal part as one of the industry's major players. The company has become a globally respected and valued business partner and its high-precision weighing technology is being employed successfully in diverse sectors of industry worldwide.

Electro-Magnetic Force Compensation as the key to success:
One distinguishing aspect of Wipotec's weighing technology is the top quality of its high-precision Weigh Cells, which work on the principle of electro-magnetic force compensation (EMFC). The basic principle can be compared to a simple beam balance. As the weight force is applied to one side of the balance, the coil installed on the other side of the balance is forced out of the magnetic field. An optical positioning system senses the smallest displacement and reports this to a high precision control system that readjusts the compensation current and restores equilibrium to the balance. This compensation current is measured through a precision resistor and further processed by a micro-processor system for immediate output as a digital weight value.


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