Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Supplier Entry - Libra Instruments Ltd. (Bulgaria)

Libra Instruments Ltd. (Bulgaria)

Libra Instruments Ltd. is specialized in industrial weighing and automation. The solutions offered by Libra Instruments are in collaboration with leading European manufacturers.

Main Products:
Belt Scales, Solids Flow Meters, Truck Scales, Axle/Wheel Scales, Crane Scales, On-board Scales, Tank and Vessel Weighing Systems, Explosion Proof Scales, Platform Scales, Load Cells, Weighing Modules, Weighing Indicators, Test Weights, Etc.

Contact details:
Address: Libra Instruments Ltd., Rodoposki izvor Str. 66, A, 1618 Sofia, Bulgaria.
Phone: +359 (0)2 8550131
FAX: +359 (0)2 8550131
Website: http://www.librabgnet.com
Email address: supplieremail@supplieremail.com

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