Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sartorius laboratory for weighing instruments awarded the international status of a PTB testing laboratory

Sartorius AG (Germany) - Recognized by the International Organization of Legal Metrology, OIML.

The International Organization of Legal Metrology, OIML, decided to recognize the Sartorius laboratory for weighing instruments as an official testing laboratory of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, PTB, which is the German national metrology institute. Sartorius will therefore be included in the list of testing and calibration laboratories on the OIML website. Effective immediately, the measurement results determined by Sartorius will be used in the OIML test reports issued by the PTB and recognized by other countries authorized to issue national type-approval certificates. The OIML committee responsible unanimously endorsed the inclusion of the Sartorius testing laboratory. Prior to this decision, the Sartorius testing laboratory had to pass extensive tests conducted by the PTB and international OIML auditors to confirm the laboratory’s quality and competence.

“We are pleased that the OIML is recognizing testing laboratories worldwide for the first time and that this organization approved the PTB’s application to register our testing laboratory. Their decision is not only proof of the reliable work we perform and of our expertise in metrology, but also shows the confidence that the PTB and the representatives of government authorities in other countries place in us,” said Karlheinz Banholzer, Director of the Metrology Center at Sartorius.

About OIML:
Established in 1955 in Paris, France, the International Organization of Legal Metrology, abbreviated as OIML after its French name Organisation Internationale de M├ętrologie L├ęgale, is an intergovernmental treaty organization that has meanwhile grown to 59 member states, which develop legal requirements for measuring instruments. These regulations are adopted into the laws of many countries, including the EU.

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