Thursday, May 8, 2014

Take the Mettler Toledo’s Weighing Championship Quiz and download their Weighing Life Science Guide

METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland) - Online Weighing Championship - Test your knowledge and Get Mettler Toledos’ Weighing Life Science Guide for real champions!

Preparation of buffers, standards and samples often requires weighing followed by dissolution to a defined volume or dilution in volumetric flasks. During these preparations errors may occur and badly influence the final outcomes. With our weighing Life Science guide you will learn about possible sources of errors and how to avoid them. This will guarantee you measurement quality and reliable weighing results at all times.

The weighing Life Science guide gives a 360° view with in-depth descriptions of:

  • Sample and solution preparation
  • Gravimetric sample preparation / Gravimetric dilution
  • Techniques and practical tips and hints
Download the guide now and learn how to be a weighing champion!

To take this Quiz and to Download the Weighing Guide from Mettler Toledo for Free click here.

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