Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New iACWeigh™ App for Intercomp Scale Systems

Intercomp Company (USA) - Intercomp has introduced a free weighing app for the iPad®! The iACWeigh™ App is a free download from the iTunes® store and offers even more ways to view and process weight data! The Intercomp iACWeigh™ App can communicate directly with Intercomp RFX™ Wireless scales with RS232 Output via the new iACWeigh™ Module, sold separately.

Intercomp has made viewing scale information more convenient than ever! Obtaining, viewing and sending weight data is ultra-fast, easy, and encryption ensures secure wireless communication.

iACWeigh™ allows users to view live weights (or manually enter them), save weight data, export the information to a spreadsheet for future analysis and email reports. Intercomp’s RFX™ Wireless Weighing Systems have even more flexibility with the ability to view weight data on three types of devices - the RFX™ Wireless Hand Held Weighing Indicator (standard with most RFX™ scales), an iPad® using the iACWeigh™ App and Module, or via PC using ACWeigh™ Software and a USB radio.

For more information about the New iACWeigh™ App from Intercomp Company click here.

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