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New Supplier Entry - Riteweigh Ltd. (Ireland)

Riteweigh Ltd. (Ireland)

For over twenty years Riteweigh Ltd has designed and developed innovative weighbridge software and hardware solutions for the bulk handling industries. Based on their industry knowledge the SoloWeigh weighbridge kiosk is one pf the most advanced self-service kiosk available on the market. Their software product, WeighI.S. is the powerhouse for all weighbridge data management control as customisation has been built-in to its design. Most Industry types are catered for based on their years of experience supplying weighbridge systems. Their products have provided industry with large scale savings, streamlined daily operations, whilst improving bottom line returns for their customers.

Main Products:
Weighing Software, Self-Service Kiosks, Unmanned Weighing Systems, Unattended Weighing Systems, Driver Operated Systems, Weighbridge Software, Weighbridges, Load Cells, Weighing Indicators, PLC, Printers, Fingerprint Readers, Etc.

Contact details:
Address: Riteweigh Ltd., Unit 15, Dunshaughlin Business Park, Meath Dunshaughlin, Ireland.
Phone: +353 1 8240400
FAX: +353 1 8240401
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