Thursday, July 3, 2014

Welvaarts Weighing Systems is introducing their New Certified Mobile Weighing Bridge

Welvaarts Weighing Systems (Netherlands) - With the certified mobile weighing bridge it becomes possible to install a temporary weighing bridge on location. The weighing bridge can be easily transported by using a crane or wheel loader. No dismounting needed before transportation.

This weighing system is CLASS III CERTIFIED, even after it is transported to a different location. Uneven surfaces aren't any problem, inclinosensors correct the inclination making sure the weighing bridge weighs accurately.

How does it work?
The weighing bridge is positioned using a crane or wheel loader. Each weighing bridge unit is 6 meters long. The distance between the bridge units can be set to your specific demands, depending on the length of the vehicle that has to be weighed. The certified mobile weighing bridge can be fitted with batteries for weighing without external power.


  • Weighing capacity up to 70.000 kg with 20 or 50 kg divisions
  • Class III certified (even after transport)
  • 2 bridge units of 6 meters
  • Ticket printer
  • Inclinosensors to correct the inclination
  • Data transfering via Internet (Welvaarts Delta Internet)
  • Weighing bridge fitted with batteries

For more information about the New Mobile Weighing Bridge from Welvaarts Weighing Systems click here or Download the Product Brochure here.

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