Monday, August 25, 2014

Heavy Weight Double Life Weighbridge's from Libra to Napier Brown’s new factory

Libra Weighing Machines Ltd. (UK) - Libra Weighing Machines recently supplied Napier Brown 3 New Double Life weighbridges, for their new factory near Hull. Napier Brown is the largest independent sugar packer and distributor, in Europe.

They required 3 weighbridges, with batching systems to accurately weigh product coming into the site, and obviously leaving the site. The system had to be totally automatic, with no operator intervention, for the weighing process.

There other special requirement, was to weigh some trailers, that would have a single, 2 wheel axle, weighing in excess of 40 Tonnes. Most weighbridges are not built to accept axle weights, much above 17 Tonnes. However, the Libra Double Life, (Invertible Weighbridge), can accept these heavy loadings as standard. The Double Life weighbridge, has a 200mm thick, steel column encased, granite composite solid deck. That will accept these excessive loadings and more, well into the future. The Double Life, after many years of use, unlike any other weighbridge, can also be inverted, to give an “as new post tensioned deck”. Libra Guarantees the double life for 15 Years, and it has a lifespan exceeding 50 Years.

For more information about the Double Life Weighbridge from of Libra Weighing Machines click here.

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