Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Supplier Entry - GS Software (Poland)

GS Software (Poland)

GS Software develops customized computer programs and automated systems for weighing industry.

Main Products:
Weighing Software: GSW: Trucks/Railway Scales; X-Scale: Laboratory/Floor Scales; X-Scale Axis: Axle Scales; X-Belt: Belt Scales; Automated Weighing Systems with Unattended Weighing Terminals, Remote Controls, Surveillance Cameras, Barrier Gates and Swipe Cards; Services: Integrating IT Systems Across Whole Manufacture; Electronic and Automated Devices: Diode Led Displays; Industrial Converters; Unattended Weighing Terminals with Keyboard and RFID Card Readers, Etc.

Contact details:
Address: GS Software, ul. Półłanki 80 lok 401, 30-740 Kraków, Poland.
Phone: +48 12 444 69 37
FAX: 12 444 69 37
Website: http://www.gs-software.pl
Email address: supplieremail@supplieremail.com

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