Monday, October 27, 2014

Tamtron’s New Shackle Dynamometer measures pulling forces safely in all conditions

Tamtron Group (Sweden) - TAMTRON GROUP has developed jointly with selected customers a new device for measuring tension or pulling forces. This shackle dynamometer, also known as a shackle load cell, suits especially well for field tests due to its light structure that has been achieved by replacing the pin of the shackle with an axle load cell.

Typically, the shackle dynamometer has been used for calibrating the winches on ships and for measuring the pulling forces of construction machines. The device, which already has proved its function also in challenging conditions, is durable and user-friendly.

When a standard crane scale with the capacity of 35 T and shackles that weight a total of 75 kg, Tamtron’s shackle dynamometer with the same capacity weights only less than 30 kg. The safety and practicality of the device are also top class due to a wireless remote control that has a data transfer range of up to 200 m with a clear line of sight.

The shackle dynamometer is delivered “ready to use”. The delivery includes batteries, spare batteries and the charger. The accuracy of every device has been tested and a calibration certificate, which covers the whole capacity range, will be presented with each shackle dynamometer.

For more information about the New Shackle Dynamometer SHS-BT from Tamtron click here.

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