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New Supplier Entry - tecsis GmbH (Germany)

tecsis GmbH (Germany)

tecsis represents innovative quality solutions in the measuring and sensor technology – worldwide.

In more than 90 years, tecsis has developed into a leading manufacturer in the measuring technology area. This includes force measurement, pressure measurement and temperature measurement. tecsis is one of the world's leading manufacturers, also for switching solutions such as pressure switches.

We have a close development partnership with many of our customers from medium-sized and large companies. Our experienced engineers and technicians look deep into the procedures and processes of our customers. Because as well as having a comprehensive range of measuring products, tecsis has outstanding engineering expertise.

Main Products/Services:
Load Cells, Weighing Systems, Weighing Modules, Platform Load Cells, Load Pins, Strain Gauges, Strain Gauge Amplifiers, Amplifiers for Load Cells, Indicators for Load Calls, Weighing Indicators, Etc.

Contact details:
Address: tecsis GmbH, Carl-Legien-Strasse 40 – 44, 63073 Offenbach, Germany.
Phone: +49(0)69 5806-0
FAX: +49(0)69 5806-7788
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