Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Digi Sens’ Extremely long term stable Ultra-flat Scale for non-intrusive level monitoring of liquids

Digi Sens AG (Switzerland) - Digi Sens AG is proud to announce its latest development, the PW200x100.

An increasing amount of companies decided to avoid monitoring liquid levels through level sensors or other intrusive instruments, which need to be mounted inside the container together with the liquids. On top of that, these intrusive systems require a regular cleaning.

Measuring liquid levels by weighing the liquids is much more elegant and reliable. Of course the PW200X100 can also be used for other materials like powders or other solid materials.

With a nominal load of 8Kg, measuring 200mm x 100mm, the PW200x100 can easily be integrated into a machine or under a storage container.

The PW 200x100 is using DIGI SENS vibrating wire technology instead of a strain gauge. This technology offers an extremely high resolution. The long-term stability is very good, even under load, since no organic material is involved in the measuring element.

The PW 200x100 delivers a 5V-TTL frequency signal, proportional to the measured load. The frequency is a square root function of the load.

In most applications it can be considered linear. A temperature sensor is also integrated in the PW 200x100, providing an active temperature compensation.

This frequency signals are easy to transmit, immune to perturbations and can be treated directly by any processor. Serial interfaces are available, should you not want to work with a frequency signal!

For more information about the Ultra-flat Scale from Digi Sens AG click here.

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