Wednesday, October 21, 2015

New Supplier Entry - Codemes SAS (France)

Codemes SAS (France)

Wide range of weighing systems as well as precision measurement equipments for laboratory, industry and commerce, and connected solution for medical and telehealth applications. Focus on quality and innovation.

Main Products/Services:
Micro-Balances, Analytical Balances, Precision Balances, Counting Scales, Industrial Scales, Viscometer, Moisture Analyzer, Pipettes Testing Systems, Weighing Indicators, Load Cells, Medical Scales, Blood Pressure Monitors, Podometers, etc.

Contact details:
Address: Codemes SAS, Bioparc Vichy, 03270 Hauterive, France.
Phone: +33 4 70 59 00 94
FAX: +33 9 57 13 97 69
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