Monday, November 16, 2015

Barcelbal’s New MCA-T Weighing Solution for Olive Oil Mills

Barcelbal (Portugal) - Barcelbal MCA-T Weighing Solution was specially designed and developed for Olive Oil Mills. Barcelbal has developed for the Olive Oil Mills a weighing solution that allows the full management of the reception, production and invoicing, through a global integrated weighing solution.

The olives reception is fully automatic using the MCA-T scale which is integrated in the stainless steel hoppers. The opening and closing of the hoppers is controlled by an Industrial PC with an integrated control relay box specially developed by Barcelbal for the Olive Oil Mills.

The olive oil production is done using an MCA-C fully stainless steel platform, fit and developed to be used on harsh environments.

All the reception, production and invoicing processes are manage through Barcelbal’s Gestlagar Software, specially developed by the ID Department of Barcelbal for the Olive sector and fully customizable.

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