Thursday, November 3, 2016

New Double Shear Beam Load Cell and Mounting Accessory from Laumas Elettronica

Laumas Elettronica S.r.l. (Italy) - LAUMAS presents a new double shear beam load cell combined with its mounting accessory.

DTX Load Cell Specifications:

  • Kg about 9000 (20 klb), 18000 (40 klb), 23000 (50 klb), 27000 (60 klb)
  • Nickel plated alloy steel construction
  • Combined error < +/- 0,02 %
  • Protection rating IP 68
VDTX Mounting Kit Specifications:
  • Constructed of nickel-plated steel alloy
  • Designed for on-board weighing, overhead cranes, silos, mixing machines, tanks, hoppers subject to vibrations Because of parts in motion or wind effect
  • Suitable for high-capacities weighing systems approved for legal use with third parties

For more information about the New DTX Load Cell with VDTX Mounting Kit from Laumas click here.

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