Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Adam Equipment Introduces EC-Type Approved PT Platform Scales for Trade Use in Europe

Adam Equipment (UK) – Adam Equipment, a leading manufacturer of scales and balances for professionals worldwide, is now offering PT platform scales with EC-type approval. These scales are available through Adam’s head office in the UK, and through the European office in Germany.

The PT approved platform scale provides a durable weighing solution for applications in industrial settings, including factories, warehouses, shipyards, shipping and receiving docks, recycling facilities, and distribution centers.

Sturdy construction and a low-profile design simplify loading and unloading pallets, crates, and other large containers. PT approved platforms provide a large steel base with a diamond-plate surface and a reinforced frame that fortifies the platform. Four rugged levelling feet help stabilise the unit, and adjust to compensate for uneven weighing surfaces. Overload protection helps prevent damage to internal components from excessive weight.

These platforms can be situated in a recessed pit and come with a 10ft / 3m shielded cable. Optional ramps facilitate loading and unloading heavy objects. PT platforms with EC-type approval are compatible with Adam’s approved GK-M indicator. Packed with smart features, the GK-M provides a simple user interface, resulting in speedy operation and quick results. The GK-M offers a full keypad for entering preset tares, checkweighing limits, or unit weights for parts counting. For secure mounting, the indicator is equipped with a wall bracket and hardware. A backlit LCD features a capacity tracker to help prevent overloads.

For more information about the PT Platform Scales and GK-M Indicators from Adam Equipment click here and here.

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