Friday, August 25, 2017

New Supplier Entry - WPL Industries BV (Netherlands)

WPL Industries BV (Netherlands)

WPL Industries B.V. specialises in the development and manufacture of high accuracy and reliable electronic weighing, dosing and checkweighing systems typically designed for use in the food and process industries. We also provide several solutions for OEM companies with a wide range of weighing measurement developed in the Netherlands. Our department of special products can deliver custom solutions for OEM customers.

Main Products/Services:
Indicators, Weighing Scales, Checkweighers, Weighing Software, Etc.

Contact details:
Address: WPL Industries BV, De Iepenwei 14i, 4191 PD Geldermalsen, The Netherlands.
Phone: +31345570558
FAX: +31345570558
Email address:

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