Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Anyload 108DA and 108DH Series Single Point Load Cells are now New NTEP Certified

Anyload Transducer Co. Ltd. (USA) – Test Conditions: A model 108DH (50 kg) and 108DA (500 kg) load cells were tested by the NMi Certain B.V. at The Netherlands facility. Testing was conducted in accordance with the OIML DoMC Mutual Acceptance Arrangement, signed by the NCWM as a utilizing participant for load cell testing. Testing was conducted using deadweights as the reference standard.

The load cells were tested over a temperature range of -10 oC to 40 oC with tests run at each temperature. The temperature effect on zero was measured and a time dependence (creep) test was performed. The barometric pressure test to determine sensitivity of the load cell design to changes in barometric pressure was conducted. The data were analyzed for single load cell applications. OIML R60 selection criteria were used to determine cells tested.

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