Tuesday, March 6, 2018

New KERN catalogue of Medical Scales

KERN & SOHN GmbH (Germany) – Here are the new products for 2018: KERN presents its Medical Scales for clinics, doctor's surgeries, care institutions and vets at MEDICA.

The new 2018 product range was presented for the first time at MEDICA in Düsseldorf to a wide audience:

  • A convenient tape for measuring circumference with practical pull-out mechanism
  • An ergonomically-optimised baby scale with large lying surface
  • Two personal scales with column for convenient, ergonomically-optimised operation
  • A personal scale with particularly large, flat weighing plate to make it easier to step on and give maximum safety with integrated handle for comfortable transport
  • A mechanical personal floor scale with extra large, clear circular scale which is easy to read
  • A noble bathroom scale with extra large, flat glass weighing plate to make it easier to step on and give maximum safety
  • A design body analysis scale to determine body weight, body fat, body fluid, muscle mass, proportion of bone, BMI and metabolic rate/metabolic rate when exercising
  • A compact wheelchair platform scale with two integrated access ramps for easy access
  • A mobile chair scale in ergonomically-optimised design for safe, convenient weighing

To download the new Catalogue Medical Scales 2018 from KERN & SOHN GmbH click here.

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