Article by Balanças Marques: 3 Reasons to Choose the Commercial Scales BM5 ARM DC3 Label and Arm Suspension 3 Label

Article by Balanças Marques: 3 Reasons to Choose the Commercial Scales BM5 ARM DC3 Label and Arm Suspension 3 Label

Balanças Marques (Portugal) - Are you looking for the ideal scale for your business? We present you the BM5 ARM DC3 LABEL and the BM5 ARM Suspension 3 Label. And we give you 3 reasons to choose them. Find out, on the blog. 

The search for a scale for your retail business it’s not always easy. There are many factors to consider and many options on the market. But Balanças Marques can help you in your demand. With the BM5 ARM DC 3 Label and the BM5 ARM Suspension 3 Label.

Two scales that bring the best of two worlds. Not only because they weigh and bill but also because they’re capable of printing receipts and labels. And yes, all in one piece of equipment. 

Find out 3 reasons to choose these commercial scales for your butcher or fish shop, fruit shop or supermarket. 

1. Gain space on the counter:

Do you need a receipts printer and a labeling machine connected to your scale? Now you don’t need to occupy so much space on the counter with 3 different equipment’s. All you need is our BM5 ARM DC 3 Label or BM5 ARM Suspension 3 Label scale.

These models, incorporate the function of weighing and invoicing, as well as printing coupons and labels. This means that in a single scale – in a single piece of equipment on your counter – you can handle several tasks that previously required a series of peripherals. 

2. Save time on your daily tasks:

There’s nothing like being able to do everything you need in on piece of equipment. Without wasting time with settings or the thousandth step to complete a task. And that’s exactly what the BM5 ARM 3 Label offers you.

These commercial scales allow you to do everything in a much more automatic way and through a single tactile interface, whether weighing, invoicing and now printing receipts and labels. Which gives you more time to dedicate to your customers and the management of your business.

3. Increase the efficiency levels on your business:

Speed. Fluidity. Precision. Efficiency. This is mainly what you are looking for in a commercial scale. So, your bet should go to the BM5 ARM DC 3 Label or the BM5 ARM Suspension 3 Label.

Equipped with the Balanças Marques ARM technology, they have an intuitive software and a fast processor that makes every task easier. This increases the levels of efficiency in the overall management of your business. 

Now that you know the 3 reasons to choose the commercial scales BM5 ARM DC 3 Label and BM5 ARM Suspension 3 Label, don’t wait any longer. Contact us to know more and order your scale with the best of both worlds: receipt printing and labelling in one piece of equipment. 

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