Article by Diverseco: How To Test Your Wheel Weigh Pads

Article by Diverseco: How To Test Your Wheel Weigh Pads

Diverseco (Australia) - Wheel weigh pads are one of the many ways to test the axle weights of your vehicles to remain Chain of Responsibility compliant. Not unique to the weighing of Heavy Goods Vehicles, wheel weigh pads can be used to weigh virtually any vehicle or trailer (including caravans) – place them underneath key weighing points (typically wheels) for your vehicle whilst on a level surface.

As these systems are constantly exposed to heavy force loads, it’s only natural that over time the accuracy and efficacy of their operation diminishes. Like any precision weighing system, they need to be regularly tested and calibrated to ensure that your operations remain CoR compliant. We often have customers approach us with their various weigh pads, whereby we test them and shock them with the results: wildly inaccurate readings being provided by the weigh pads. This is a common outcome (an expected inevitability, actually) when a reasonable service agreement isn’t in place, or if operations don’t value preventative maintenance.

So How Can You Test Your Wheel Pads?

Having your wheel pads tested and calibrated regularly is the optimal and recommended way to ensure they are functioning as they need to. To achieve this, they can be brought to a local Diverseco branch where we have our wheel weigh pad testing system which is designed to test weigh pads at various force levels.

We recently had a customer reach out to have their pads tested ahead of their next scheduled calibration just to be sure that everything was functioning correctly, as their Intercomp Weigh Pads were frequently used and thus exposed to very high force loads. We were happy to test and provide a minor calibration to their pads and return to them in top working condition.

Check out the video below for a little showcase on how this works!

If you’re looking to verify the efficacy and accuracy of your current weigh pads or similar systems, feel free to reach out to us directly to organise a consultation time. Alternatively, if you would like to get in touch with us about new weigh pads or to find out ways you can stay CoR compliant and increase the efficiencies of your operations, we would love to hear from you.

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