Article by Stevens Traceability Systems - Top Benefits of Using Our Dispatch Software

Article by Stevens Traceability Systems - Top Benefits of Using Our Dispatch Software

Stevens Traceability Systems (United Kingdom) - Streamline Your Dispatch Process.

One of the final stages of your operations will be the dispatch of your goods. We understand this is just as important a step as your weighing and production processes – get a sales order wrong at the final hurdle, and you could send customers the wrong items, damaging your customer’s experience and trust. You can avoid any hiccups here by using the dispatch module within our Dynamic Traceability System.

Using Stevens Dispatch, you can streamline your process while gaining control and insight, with features such as picking, allocation, pallet manager, finished goods labels, and delivery records. It will provide you insight to inform enhancement and optimisation of your dispatch strategies – all in a paperless format. Here we’re detailing the top benefits of using this software in your business…

What Are The Benefits?

Sales Order Generation and Templates:

Another feature that helps to streamline your operations is the ability to create templates of particular sales orders, and then use those to quickly and easily generate similar sales orders moving forward. Using these pre-defined templates can once again help your business save time in manually scheduling sales orders and complements the automated scheduling feature. When scheduling a sales order, the Stevens System will automatically calculate the exact requirements and batch or mix sizes needed to fulfil that order, eliminating the risk of human error.

Easy and Efficient Sales Order Processing:

Further to the above, sales orders can be processed directly within the Stevens Management Suite, without the need to do this at a terminal on the factory floor. This means you can promptly set up sales orders with ease whenever necessary to suit your production process. With integration into ERP or MRP systems such as SAGE, SAP, Tropos, and more possible too, you’ll have a single source of information across your business and the ability to import and export sales orders. This eliminates double handling of data and prevents human error in manual processing.

No Paperwork:

Like our wider Dynamic Traceability System, Stevens Dispatch is equipped to streamline and enhance your dispatch process without paper. For example, using barcode scanners when picking will digitally process the relevant data for those items and stock being picked, saving your business time and resources in manually completing paper copies of the same information. You can generate digital reports through Stevens Management on the fly, with a total of 18 different dispatcher reports available to provide you with detailed information and insight – with none of the hassles of paperwork. You can also schedule these reports to be sent on a regular basis to whoever needs to see them.

Real Time Updates and Alerts:

The Stevens ecosystem is designed to give you as much insight as possible whenever necessary. As such, our dispatch software module will provide you with real-time updates on the progress of sales orders. You can see if a particular order is “being picked”, “allocated”, “dispatched” and so on, allowing you to maintain clarity over your process. Once a sales order is successfully dispatched, you’ll get a direct email alert – keeping you up to date on sales order progress and allowing you to verify which have been completed.

Stevens Dispatch comes packed with the tools to help you streamline and enhance the final stages of your production process. It is a modular component of our wider Dynamic Traceability System, which you can learn more about here. If you’re interested in talking to a member of our team about how Dynamic can help your business, you can get in touch, or you can download our free brochure to learn more.

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