Bizerba collaborating with anybill: Digital archiving of receipts is now possible with a new API interface

Bizerba collaborating with anybill: Digital archiving of receipts is now possible with a new API interface

Bizerba (Germany) - Press Release: Bizerba, a leading manufacturer offering innovative solutions for both retailers and the food industry alike, has entered a pioneering partnership with anybill, a solutions provider for digital receipts. For Bizerba customers, this partnership means they are given the option of offering digital receipts. Leading producer of premium meat and sausage vinzenzmurr was a key partner in this collaboration and as a pilot customer is happily reporting on its initial success.

The proprietary API interface combined with the digital receipt app means that Bizerba cash registers can be seamlessly linked to services that anybill offers. Retailers and companies now have new options for efficiently storing documents and digitalizing internal procedures. With the integration, Bizerba customers are given an efficient solution they can use to digitally store their documents in anybill's merchant receipt archive. Not only does this save a considerable amount of storage capacity, but it also saves on paper and lowers costs.

Together with anybill, Bizerba is demonstrating commitment to improve digitalization, thereby optimizing operating processes within retail. In addition to providing operational added value, by partnering with anybill, customers can use digital touch points, which improves the overall purchasing experience for them. The integration gives Bizerba customers the option of using new marketing and customer loyalty tools.  

The successful implementation and positive feedback from vinzenzmurr demonstrates the innovation and the benefits that this new solution offers. This promising start forms the basis for Bizerba to move forward and introduce anybill as a default solution for Bizerba customers everywhere.

"We are delighted that, together with our client vinzenzmurr, we have been able to lay the foundations for digitalization in skilled trade", said Anabel Schmid, Key Account Manager at Bizerba SE & Co. KG about the collaboration between anybill and Bizerba. "The digital receipt means we can better support our customers in optimizing workflows and digitalization. By partnering with anybill, Bizerba can now offer all of its retailers and sales points using Bizerba cash registers the option of using digital receipts long-term, offering yet another step towards sustainability in retail while improving the overall customer experience."

"We are very pleased that vinzenzmurr recognizes the added value that our technology provides and that it has started to use digital receipts", says Lea Frank, co-founder & CEO of anybill, &about the the collaboration with vinzenzmurr. "More and more retailers are placing their trust in this innovative solution to improve their operating processes."

"Thanks to this partnership with anybill we now have an innovative tool to help us optimize our business processes", states Ulrich Wiedemann, IT manager at vinzenzmurr, &about the potential of digital receipts: "This simple piece of paper not only helps us save reams of thermal paper, save on logistics and filing space for customer and merchant receipts, but it also changes how we interact with our customers while also providing new online marketing options. On top of this, we motivate over 1500 staff to join us one step at a time to move into the digital future."


About anybill:

anybill aims to provide a digital receipt for every payment – in retail apps, wallets, banking and payment apps, or even without an app – anywhere where digital receipts are expected and needed. The company is positioned as a tech enabler. It strives to fill a relevant gap within existing (payment) infrastructure and to act as a platform for all stakeholders. One of the most important components in large-scale technical coverage is anybill's network of partners. Founded by Lea Frank and Tobias Gubo in December 2019, anybill has locations in Regensburg and Munich.

About vinzenzmurr:

vinzenzmurr is a leader in the production of premium meat products and sausage. This long-established traditional company is known for its stringent quality standards and large variety of products.

About Bizerba:

Bizerba offers its customers in industry, trade, and logistics a globally unique solutions portfolio of hardware and software around the central value "weight". This portfolio includes products and solutions related to slicing, processing, weighing, cashing, checking, commissioning and labeling. A wide range of services from consulting and service, labels and consumables to leasing complete the portfolio.

Since 1866 Bizerba has made a significant contribution to the developments in the area of weighing technology and today is represented in 120 countries. The customer base includes globally operating companies in trade and industry as well as retailers, bakeries and butcheries. With around 4.500 employees worldwide and with its headquarters in Balingen, Baden Wuerttemberg, Bizerba has been in the same family for five generations. Additional production facilities are located in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, China and USA. Bizerba also has a global network of sales and service locations.

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