Durable, Reliable Hardy Floor Scales now offered in custom sizes for Industrial Weighing & Washdown Applications

Durable, Reliable Hardy Floor Scales now offered in custom sizes for Industrial Weighing & Washdown Applications
Hardy Process Solutions (USA) - Hardy Process Solutions now offers custom sizes for Hardy Floor Scales and Hardy Lift Deck Floor Scales. These process weighing scales combine best-in-class durability with Hardy’s Process Toolbox features: weightless calibration (C2®) and operator diagnostics (INTEGRATED TECHNICIAN®). Hardy Lift Deck Floor Scales offer manufacturers multiple ways to reduce their maintenance costs and downtime.

Designed for any Environment:
Hardy Floor Scales and Hardy Lift Deck Floor Scales are designed and built for harsh chemical and washdown industrial environments, yet are easy to use and install with the latest advancements in weighing technology. Just level the deck, attach the included twenty-foot cable, calibrate, verify and begin weighing.

Best-In-Class Durability:
Hardy Floor Scales are rated for 250,000 – 300,000 loading cycles under normal loading conditions*. Available in eight standard sizes from 30 x 30 inch to 72 x 96 inches in 1, 2.5, 5, and 10 thousand pound capacities, Hardy now offers custom sizes for non-standard applications. Each scale includes stainless steel IP69K load cells and a built in Hardy Summing Card in a NEMA 4 enclosure. All weight capacities come in stainless steel or painted carbon steel with smooth or tread deck. Each scale is complemented with a full range of accessories.

Hardy Lift Deck Floor Scales are available in three standard sizes from 36 x 36 inch to 60 x 60 inch in 1,000, 2,000 and 5,000 pound capacities. Hardy offers custom sizes for non-standard Lift Deck Floor Scale applications.

Hardy Lift Deck floor scales have hydraulics and two or four handles on the decks for easy lifting to facilitate installation and cleaning.

C2® Electronic Calibration:
With a Hardy weight controller, C2® load sensors enable fast, accurate, electronic calibration without test weights at just a push of a button The easy-to-use C2® system reduces downtime for installation and repairs and eliminates test weight related safety risks.

Integrated Technician®
Each scale has built-in Integrated Technician® (IT) circuitry. When coupled with a Hardy controller, the scale provides diagnostic and troubleshooting tools that read individual weights and voltages to aid users in isolating problems. Together, Hardy C2® and IT eliminate the need to open the junction box, reducing the risk of moisture ingress. The junction box remains sealed reducing the risk of contamination for heavy wash down applications.

Hermetically Sealed Load Sensors:
The heart of any scale is the load sensors. All Hardy floor scales come standard with four matched Hardy ADVANTAGE® IP69K stainless steel, true hermetically-sealed sensors — sealed at both the gauging area and cable entry for long life. All are matched and calibrated for mV/V and mV/V/ohm.

This eliminates the need for corner adjustment and potentiometers in the junction box, allowing a sensor to be replaced without calibration. Hardy ADVANTAGE® sensors use a blind hole technique ensuring the load is applied at a precise location to provide accurate readings.

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